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Welcome to Custom Card Fundraising, the home to the best quality fundraising cards  that can help you raise money for your church group, sports team or school to facilitate a trip, purchase new uniforms or equipment.

Since 2004, we have helped thousands of people/groups in similar situations raise money at little to no upfront payments. We have a proven track record of enabling non-profits raise millions of dollars for a worthy cause through our revolutionary way of raising funds. With over 1500 schools, sports teams and organizations working round the clock nationally, we promise to do everything within our power to offer unparalleled support throughout the fundraiser. We will even facilitate your implementation of exceptional DIY fundraising ideas for every project ensuring that you make the most out of your fundraising drive. Our fundraising card is the size of credit card, so it cuts down on the materials to produce, and is also more convenient to use, therefore more popular and eco-friendly.

Whether you want us to do everything for you or you would rather do some of the work yourself, we can work with you throughout a 4-6 week fundraiser to help you attain and even exceed your fund-raising goals. We promise to offer unlimited free advertising targeted to your audience to guarantee the most conversions; our goal is to make the process stress free for you thanks to our dedication and exceptional support that we offer. 

Whether you are a PTA organization, school band or a middle school organizing your 8th grade trip to Washington DC, we promise to facilitate provision of the best fundraising cards to meet your needs. We have some of the most affordable rates in San Diego making us an ideal partner at offering fundraising cards that attract the highest margins.

Our goal is to make sure no school, sports team, church or organization is missing out due to lack of funds.

Let us make your goals a reality through our custom fundraising cards. Contact us today to place an order; we have the lowest discount cards in San Diego.

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